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Mar. 25th, 2017 06:24 am
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INBOX text / audio / video / action / direct message "Hey, it's Sayaka! Leave a message after the beep!" art credit code credit
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Who: Sayaka Miki and YOU
What: A new magical girl arrives
Where: Mirrors & Around Town
When: Sunday, March 26th
Warnings: STRONG girl



[ Uh-oh indeed. The newest arrival to Nyoi-cho has been here for about five minutes and already things are going pearshaped. She's standing outside of one of the shops, door in hand.

A door literally in hand. She'd yanked too hard on the knob when it didn'tgoes to open it and it swings forward and slams against the ground. ]
H-h open immediately and here she is, staring gratuitous property damage in the face. ]

Ohhh boy, this isn't going to be easy to explain. Let's just... [ She slowly sets it back against the frame and takes a step back. There, good as new. At least until someone opens it as she's trying to sneak away. She freezes like a deer caught in headlights, looking at all bystanders and the person in question with a nervous grin. ]

H-ha! Some arm you got there, huh?


Is this thing on? [ Sayaka beams at the mirror. ] Hey, everybody! My name is Sayaka Miki and I guess I'm going to be part of the team here! I look forward to defending the people of this town with all of you.


Mar. 25th, 2017 06:25 am
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OOC Information

Player: Shikki
Contact Information: fetchmodus @ plurk, miasmajesty#4802 @ discord


Canonpoint: After being taken the the Law of Cycles
Age: 14
Wish: "To tell the truth, I'm a little upset with how things turned out. I just wish... I could've fought with them one more time, y'know? If I were just a little stronger..."
Result: Sayaka does not die. Instead she's granted the power to keep fighting - here, in Nyoi-cho.
Weapon: Bracers


» Enhanced Strength. This stems from Sayaka's desire to keep fighting and to not succumb to the weaknesses in her heart. Sayaka will now have a passive strength boost which is going to be tricky to control as she can't turn it off, she just has to learn how to manage it. So think a body builder's strength in the body of a fourteen year old girl. It will require a significant amount of care to control.

» Heroic presence. Sayaka's presence near another Magi will basically give them one extra hit point. They can handle one more hit than they normally could have. It's not immortality and it doesn't mitigate damage dealt, it just gives them the will to continue fighting even if their body wants to give up. To activate it she has to physically touch another Magi and it is active for the duration of the fight, and drains her soulgem according to the amount of injuries they take before the fight is over.


Are you okay with fourth-walling? Backtagging? Shipping? Violence? Specify here.


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